Bannockburn Mission

Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples of people everywhere

(Matthew 28 v 19)


From this we have our own Murrayfield Church mission statement on the front page of the website and every Up Front. The Session has renewed its dream to fulfil it. Sure, we have big challenges as a village church but - and it’s a big “but”- together it’s time for all of us to get on to the front foot instead of the back one and take positive action.


One big positive action on the way to fulfilling our church mission statement is a Bannockburn mission. This will be something we do that:


  • Meets a local, Bannockburn, need;

  • Is visibly a Murrayfield thing;

  • Gives us the opportunity to work together.


It has been such a heartening experience to see and hear crowds averaging 20 at our Bannockburn Mission evenings talking and sharing with one another. It has been fab too

to have the Sunday services work alongside the mission events and to hear about those who don’t make it in person staying involved by showing an interest and praying for its success.


If you would like any further information about our 'Bannockburn Mission', please see below for the latest update or contact us through the 'Contact Us' page.

Latest Update

From Jean Bell, February 2014.

Did you sing along at the Yvonne Lyon concert back in November? Have you enjoyed your cuppa and a chat after the morning services? Did you get the point at our Pointless Quiz Evening? These are some of the events which have been held recently to help fulfil our Bannockburn Mission.


The concert proved very popular not only with our own congregation but also fans of Yvonne from around the area. We are hoping to hold this type of event perhaps twice a year and our Impresario, otherwise known as John Cross, is on the trail as we speak. Remember to get your ticket early and beat the rush!


Enjoying a cuppa after the Sunday morning service has been well received and this will continue on a monthly basis. It gives us a chance to catch up with what’s happening both in church and outside - you can even talk to someone who normally sits on the opposite side!


We also held a ‘Coffee Afternoon” in the Bield Housing Complex. We were warmly welcomed by Kelly, the Complex Manager, and we met some old and hopefully some new friends who joined us for coffee and cake. We have been invited back so we couldn’t have been too bad!


Visits have been made to churches in the area who take part in the “Messy Church”. This is a way of making church more accessible for families based on creativity, hospitality and celebration. The aim is to have something up and running by late summer. Watch this space!


If you have any new ideas to help us reach out to our community in Bannockburn, please speak to an elder or me. If you would like to help out, same thing applies.