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Bruce Davies Concert

Saturday 11th April

Appearing at Murrayfield on 11th April is Bruce Davies, a Fifer with 6 solo albums under his belt and a reputation for singing songs about the better side of life. He has been performing professionally for nearly 30 years, both in the UK and the USA, his two concerts at the United Nations, New York being particularly special to him.


His enthusiasm for the works of Robert Burns, and the history and music of Scotland, combined with his witty introductions and friendly manner, make him a complete performer.


"It's best to light a candle, than stand and curse the dark"


These words sum up Bruce's attitude to life and to his craft. He sings songs that move him, and passionately wants his audiences to find the same "magic" as he has found in them.


Why not sample some of his songs on and then invite your friends and neighbours along.


Tickets are £6, as usual.


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