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Stand By Me

Easter Scheme 2015

This year's Easter Scheme is to support the work of Stand By Me in Ethiopia which a team from  UF Churches (right) will be assisting when they spend a fortnight there in August. They will be based in a school of 280 children in the town of Dembi Dollo, in a particularly poor part of the country where access to clean water is limited. The team will be involved in building simple water filtration systems which are being given to each house. Each kit costs £40.


The team will also be running holiday club activities for the children, who will be divided into teams and given different coloured teeshirts, which cost £5 each. All money raised will go towards the projects and not towards the costs of the team, who each have to raise about £1250 to cover travel and expenses.

Look out for your opportunity to give towards this. Let's see how many water systems and teeshirts we can buy!


For more information, please visit the Stand By Me website.

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